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A One Stop Service

APR Detailed Joinery have established and maintained a reputation for quality workmanship and service. This reputation is supported by our skills, knowledge and dedication, thus achieving our goal of customer satisfaction.

We utilise a great support team of subcontractors for other components such as metal work and marble supplies to provide what even our clients have called ‘A One Stop Service’ – As APR’s motto says we are ‘the total solution’.


Bespoke Furniture

APR offers Interior Designers, Architects and ambitious furniture designers and stylist the opportunity to take an idea and turn it into an awesome design and then all the way to manufacturing. From design concept through to manufacture… with our unique range of in house services, each and every client is provided with a wide array of individual personalised options to ensure that they need never compromise on the design integrity of their project.



Offering the latest in environmentally conscious material options and energy-saving production methods, your choice to use APR is aiding in the sustainability of the earth’s precious resources.

Choosing to have APR Refinish your history-filled, classic, much-loved furniture items, not only saves on landfill space but allows you to give new life to pieces that have become part of your history, virtually part of your family.

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