Since its formation in 1987 APR Detailed Joinery Pty Limited has provided a broad range of joinery products to an ever growing market. Our pre-established clientele (which to this day continues to grow) had at the time stemmed from our origins with A. Breda Building Company when we noticed the gap in the marketplace for the style of joinery we now specialise in.
APR Detailed Joinery have established and maintained a reputation for quality workmanship and service. This reputation is supported by our skills, knowledge and dedication, thus achieving our goal of customer satisfaction.
Few competitors can compare to the full in house service we provide. Customised Veneer Stitching, Laying and Pressing is all carried out within our premises. Our craftsmen can offer a very broad range of features such as inlays, moulded edges or spray painted treatments and finishes. Laminate is also pressed on site, which allows the client to select the sub-straight and size they want.
We utilise a great support team of subcontractors for other components such as metal work and marble supplies to provide what even our clients have called ‘A One Stop Service’ – As APR’s motto says we are ‘the total solution’.

“Using the latest in technology coupled with the skills of time honoured craftsmanship, we pride ourselves in making the finest products available”.

52 Allingham Street, Condell Park
NSW, 2200, Australia
p (61) 2 9791 0717